The experience


What is a portrait worth? If you only consider a portrait’s value to be the materials it is made of, then in our digital age, portraits are nearly worthless. Thankfully, we know that there is more to a portrait than just a collection of bits and bytes. It is more than colored ink on a piece of paper.

A portrait is an amazing thing. It is a connection that spans time and space. It is your own youth, forever preserved. It is the progression of your children as they grow. It is the life and personality of a loved one who has passed. It is the ability to look into the eyes of those who have come before us. A portrait is priceless. It is absolutely irreplaceable because a portrait is a moment in time that will never come again.


When you book your session with Matthew J Capps, you are choosing an experience that we hope you’ll enjoy nearly as much as your images. The process will start with a planning session where we’ll discuss everything from what to wear to your shoot to where you’ll hang your finished prints. At your planning session you can decide to have your shoot in our studio or we can arrange to shoot on location at a park or even in your home.

The day of your shoot you’ll be able to relax and know that we are there to get whatever shots we need. Unlike other studios, we won’t limit how many times you can change or put you on a timer for how long your shoot can last. We will expertly coach you on how to pose to ensure you look your best. If you get nervous in front of a camera, we’ll sit and talk until you’re relaxed and modeling like a pro. We are committed to accommodating any special needs you may have so that your shoot goes smoothly.

Right after your shoot, we’ll invite you to sit with us and go through your images. In this special viewing session you’ll get to re-live the fun as you sort through the best images from your photo shoot and pick the prints for your package. As soon as your prints arrive, we’ll check each one to ensure the images you receive are of the highest quality. We’ll package them up and you’ll be able to pick them up in store or we can hand deliver them to your home or business at no extra charge.


The Fine details:

Our session fee is just $100 and must be paid by the day of your shoot. This covers the time you spend in the studio or on location, regardless of how long that ends up being. The session fee does not include any images or prints. Images, prints, and other products must be purchased separately. Please see our print packages and a la carte pages for pricing.